108: Daylight Savings Television

Daylight savings, according to Kyle, means one more hour in the day for TV watchin! This week we are discussing People of Earth, Better Things, SNL, Westworld, and more. Tune in!

The TV Dudes this week are Grant Davis, Kyle Scott, and Randy Lander.
Just a friendly reminder that we are now doing bonus exclusive discussions over on Patreon! On this week’s episode we have a discussion about DR. STRANGE, so head on over and become a patron today!

ALSO, Beach Cop Detectives is here! Be sure to check out our latest project dedicated to the 2010 FX beach-noir detective series ‘Terriers’.
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Here is our episode outline:

Listener Questions

TV News
TV Discussion
  • SNL
  • People of Earth
  • Love Sick
  • Better Things
  • Westworld


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