Television Lightning Round!

A ton of new and returning shows have popped back on to the TV screen in the past few weeks and we realized we are woefully behind in discussing all of this great TV. So, what to do? LIGHTNING ROUND! We run though a bunch of shows including Justified, Flash, The Late Show, Hacking the System, Parks and Rec, The Venture Bros. special and more! Tune in!

Video Games & Television

Where are all the videogame to TV adaptations? And TV to videogames? Surely this trend is right around the corner! This week we sit down with special guest Jeff Schuessler, video game expert from, to discuss the intersection of video games and television, the failures of the past, and the hopeful prospects on the horizon. Tune in!

Sophomore Slumps and Sizzles

We are back to our regularly scheduled weekly format, this week, and we are excited to be joined by special guest Cat Edison, TV reviewer with! She sits down to talk with us about Sophomore Slumps and Sizzles: the strong and weak second seasons of television. We also have a hearty discussion of Serial, Daredevil, Amazon and more. Tune in!