Star Trek Discovery Pod: ‘The Sound of Thunder’

Let’s not talk about Ray Bradbury’s classic short story “A Sound of Thunder,” let’s talk about “The Sound of Thunder!” That’s right, it’s the sixth episode of Star Trek Discovery‘s second season. And it’s all about our new Ride or Die Saru bustin’ sh*t up on his home planet. We’re joined by special guest Myrriah gossett. Git it!

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The opening music in this episode is “Fight Music,”  remixed and re-edited by Fatboy Roberts for Geek: Remixed III and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Fem TV: Female Representation in the 2017 Emmy Nominations

Kei Haynes from TV Pilot Watching, This is Us with Kei and Clyde and Gilmored joins Melissa to talk about the 2017 Emmy nominations with an eye on female representation in a number of different categories.

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EP 12 – The Big Day

Join us as Kei and guest host, Jen, chat about “The Big Day” where we encounter the 24 hours before Jack and Rebecca go to the hospital to have the triplets. This episode also encounters Dr. K as well as Fireman Joe. Sprinkled in are some great listener calls and comments. Also, who do you think is the inspiration for Jack? Leave us a message on